What do you want to play today?

There are so many ways to have fun these days, but nothing is as much fun as letting your imagination totally loose with a group of friends or family. Videogames get repetitive. T.V. and movies lack any real interaction or personal connection.

But TTRPGs (Table Top Role-Playing Games) offer the best of all worlds, are highly entertaining, incredibly interactive, and are never, ever boring. They are truly the most perfect form of social interaction and entertainment.

The one drawback to TTRPGs is the amount of lead-time and setup they take to play. Somebody has to set aside several hours and a decent outlay of cash for the books, resources, media and miniatures. They then have to plan a story to take people through. For the players, this is fun and exciting, but for the person running the game (the Game Master), this can often times be a burden, especially in the overworked world we all live in.

That’s where I come in. As a professional Game Master, I have already done all the hard work, purchases, organization and prep. You get to be the players, and just leverage the work I’ve already done.

Schedule a session with me and see the difference. Parents, connect with your kids like never before! Friends spread far-and-wide? Get online and let me host a session so that you can all relive the glory days.

I promise you that this will be fun and exciting. That’s my job, to take the characters you bring to the table and make the whole process as fun and painless as possible. Go check out my profile on StartPlaying.games: https://startplaying.games/u/gmjerry

So what games are there to be played?

For the old-school fantasy, of course, there is always Dungeons and Dragons. It is hugely popular these days, and has community support the world over. You literally can’t turn anywhere without seeing D&D material these days. And that’s a good thing! No matter what you want to try, there is going to be material that will support it in the D&D universe.

Already know Pathfinder and don’t want to deviate from the tried-and-true? Okay. Give me a shout. I know old-school systems, and I love to run them.

Want a space game that mixes magic and technology? Starfinder is the game for you! Leveraging the mythos of Pathfinder, but set hundreds of years in that world’s future, technology has advanced, and goblins have become space-faring. New archetypes and races have been discovered, but some of the old tried-and-true still exist.

How about something more nostalgic, and familiar, dipping into pop-culture? Star Trek Adventures would be a great fit. Play along side Kirk and Spock if you want to dabble in the TOS timeline, or Jean-luc if you want to advance to the TNG era. Either way, you get your fix of intrigue and intensity.

Whatever genre you want to experience, just let me know. I’ll be able to find the system for you. And if I can’t find it, I can write it. As a developer and author, I find challenges like this fun and exciting, and I’m sure that you will, too.